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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Waste Land
To me the most memorable part of this documentary was the people. Their stories were incredible! For example the woman, whose son died, then her husband and daughter left her, and refused to ever talk to her. Its stories like these that really make me grateful. I also learned how people’s life is so different from mine. The wonderful people who work there are surrounded by garbage and I put that garbage out at my curb (even though they are in Rio the concept is still the same). Honestly if I was them, having my life portrayed I would be embarrassed. This is from my perspective as a middle class American. If I was really in this situation, and was living around a garbage dump I would want to be helped. I would feel that this opportunity would help my family and I. Therefore I would have wanted all of the help I could get. I feel that there is nothing that interesting in my life that would or even could become something so meaningful and life changing.

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