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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Being Gifted

      There are many advantages and disadvantages that come with being labeled "Gifted". Behind that name are also many myths and truths.
      Being gifted can be very stereotypical. For instance, We are "smart in every subject." Or we "know everything." We "don't need help." This is not always true.  According to National Association for Gifted Children, 61% of teachers don't know how to help us! They don't have the training to assist us therefore, we don't have the opportunity to reach our full potential.
      I must say that there are some good things about being in a gifted class, for example we do get to be challenged. Not to mention getting an extra 7 points on our overall GPA and getting to meet some awesome people.
     Don't get me wrong, being gifted is hard. People expect so much from you, expect you to know everything. Sometimes people put so much pressure on you, because "you know the answer, you're smart, you're in that smart people class." You can and will be used in ways too many to count. We can be  bullied or put down, for being ourselves... for being smart.
     Being followed with the myths and truths of being gifted can sometimes be a burden. Following is a list of misconceptions about Gifted children.

Myths: the following myths are linked to NAGC
 Gifted Children always get good grades: Gifted student may get bad grades due to a lack of interest or to fit in also known as "dumming down"
  Gifted students don't need help, they find everything easy: Just like everybody else these students need to be guided to reach thier full potential.
  Gifted students are all nerds: these students can be sometimes classified as "nerds" but this is also untrue.
  Gifted students think they are too good for "avarage" kids: This statement can be true sometimes, but most of the time that is untrue.
Gifted children get good grades in every subject: this is rarley true. Every gifted student have their stronger subjects or maybe none at all.
They are just like everybody else: weather you want to believe it or not a gifted student is different from every other child. They are stronger in a least one area.

Every gifted child has at least one talent: that is how they got labeled gifted.
Is mentally above average child for their age: according to the states definition if a gifted child is gifted if he or she is "above the average"
In the end being gifted can be pretty awesome, but it does come with a price.

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  1. Well done, Katherine. I hope writing this blog post helped you better understand your gifted label.