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Monday, October 15, 2012


    To me grades are completely unnecessary. To teachers I'm they are the epitome of school. Grades are teachers way of judging us, whether they realize it or not.
     I think we should be graded in a way that we get the help and know exactly what we need to do to get better. I believe we need to transfer to a standards- based grading system and a "tutor". What I mean is we should get a graded on a proficiently scale and then a teacher should help you go through anything you didn't understand one child at a time. I believe grading needs to be totally revised.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Are schools killing our creativity?

     Are schools killing creativity????? That seems to be the question asked by many creativity specialists, including Sir Ken Robinson. In Ken's TED talk speech he brought it to my attention that schools are killing the generations "creativity". I 100% agree with him! Schools may not even notice it, but they are making us think in a convergent matter. Meaning that it's almost like traveling on a one way street, there is no room to veer off the road or go another direction or end up/go in a different direction. Training our minds to think that is in a way making us grow out of our creativity.
     Schools, I believe need to "gear" or even work with our creativity, not work without it. In my opinion schools need to rewrite their whole curriculum to incorporate more work that we can use our creativity. Throughout the course of reading the paper about creativity, many specialists stated that in many schools math and LA are the priorities. Music, art, and creativity are the least important in the learning pyramid. I think schools need to realize what they are doing!