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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Learning Style Test Results

    I took two tests today. They gave me a chance to look at my self in a new way.
    According to the Gardner test I learn Musically. This means that I think in rhythms and melodies. I need things like music playing all the time.
    I also learn Bodily-Kinestheticly. This means I learn through stomatic sensations. (stomatic means physically.) I love dancing (fits me perfectly!) and I learn best with hands on activity.
    Finally I learn Interpersonally, by bouncing ideas off of other people and leading.
    I think this test describes me very well.

    The second test was Anthony Gregorc's Learning Styles Test it turned out that I scored 15pts. for each category! I guess this means that I am a Concrete Random Learner, Concrete Sequential Learner, Abstract Random Learner, and an Abstract Sequential Learner all at the same time. (following deffinations from Gregorc's test).
Concrete Random Learner: I learn by problem solving, working out things out, trying out my ideas, and finding things out on my own.
Concrete Sequential Learner: I learn by doing practical things and being told exactly what to do, working logically, and I love when I get things right.
Abstract Random Learners: I also learn by talking to others, using my imagination, using drama, art and music and liking work to be fun and working with other people.
Abstract Sequential Learner: I also like to read and work alone, and organizing my school work.

    This all helps me in school because I know know that I can learn in many different environments/ways so there is no more excuses.
  One person I admire is my Mom. I think she learns in a Logical-Mathematical way. This is because she is very good with mental math and puzzles and solving problems. I think she also learns Interpersonally. This is because she likes to lead just like me.
    Another person I admire greatly is my Dad. I believe he works Intrapersonally. This is because he is very to himself when working.
     Finally, I admire my dance teacher. I believe she works Linguistically. This is because when she is very big on describing things to us. I don't think she even realizes she's doing it but she does it so well.

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  1. Very interesting that you predict your dance teacher as being a linguistic learner -- I like that!