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Friday, January 30, 2015

Racism unit recap

"We must acknowledge -- with eyes and minds wide open -- the world as it is if we want to change it." - Charles M. Blow, The Perfect-Victim Pitfall

   Over these past few months in class we have been exploring racism. I realize that this differentiation of color and race is still a constant problem in today's society.  We explored many topics relating to this issue, including White privilege. Before we started I barely even knew it existed. I mean I guess I always kind of did but I have never experienced it myself so I could never relate. White privilege is the belief that white people have an advantage over those of other races. After this unit I do believe it exists to some extent.
      When we first jumped into this unit the main focus was white privilege and I became immediately offended. The problem was I took "white privilege" personally in a way that I felt that where I am now, and my achievements, I got was because I was white. I understand that to others that white privilege seems more problematic. And I now do see how this could be a problem. On the other hand I do not believe it should be an excuse. In some cases White privilege is definitely present but I do not feel it is always there. Maybe I believe this because I am white and my opinion may seem invalid because of this. White privilege can totally swing the other direction if no one is aware of it. For instance, Black privilege, or Asian privilege could become more prevalent. I am not saying that this is any better than White privilege at all. I of course believe along with many other people of my generation that everyone should be equal. I think White privilege should not exist, using this term is automatically feeding into this problem.
    White privilege also relates to Intersectionality. To me Intersectionalitiy is white privilege in a different form. Intersectionality pertains to sexuality and its privileges. Men vs. women. So many years ago women didnt have rights and slowly but surely we have been becoming more equal. It's the same as rascism. Years ago black people were slaves and now theyre struggling to over come White privlege. Women didn't have rights and men were dominant now. Now the struggle for equality is not only between race but gender as well.
       There has been so much research and tests all about Intersecionality and how certain companies fall to it. Men typically make more money than woman and have an easier chance of getting the same job a woman has also applied for. This intersectionality concept works the other way too. Sometimes women get jobs easier because they are a women. Or they get certain privileges. For example a girl on a football team. Say this girl is really bad and doesn't deserve to be on the team. The coach will let her on because she's a girl and he would be looked down apon if he didn't let the girl on the team. I don't believe that girls should just get things because they're girls or men should get things because it's a mans job. It's stupid and small minded but everything should be equal. Everyone should have the same chance as the person sitting next to them. It shouldn't matter what color of skin, race,religion, or  gender, everyone should get the same opportunity.