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Friday, September 26, 2014

Empathic Socialibity

     Empathic socialibity is such a pressing issue. People today don't care enough. I know that's a very vague statement and doesn't apply to everyone but I will explain. I think our generation was raised in a way that people can ignore the issues of our time. Children these days have their noses do deep in their phones that they have no idea what's going on in the world around them. I am even guilty of this. Sometimes the only reason I know about current events is because sometimes I see them trending on twitter. So much of teens don't know whats going on and how it could directly effect them. An example of this is the Isis. America is bombing Isis and half of my peers have no idea what is going on. To be honest I'm a little lost myself. It's hard to feel empathetic about something you know nothing about. That's why I believe as the future generation we should know more about the current events going on in other countries. Our ability to feel empathy could be a life or death situation and could be the turning point for our generation. 

    Last night I was watching the new show Red Band Society and the episode was all about empathy. There was a part in the episode where the narrator was talking about empathy and your ability to feel it. It said something like you cant begin to feel empathy until you look at yourself and feel something yourself. Your feelings need to be present to feel anything for anyone else. A character also said that sometimes you dont need to know how the other person feels, you just need to sit beside them. 

     Empathy is a hard concept to grasp. How can you begin to feel for others if you don't know how you feel yourself? How can you feel for another country or anything on a larger scale if you can't empathize your peers? At this point I believe that the human race could not extend our empathy to each other. To accomplish this every single person would have to change their ways. I'm not even sure how to imagine such an emphatic society....

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  1. I'm glad you tied in Red Band Society, but you needed to incorporate some research as well.