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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution

      Looking back on the past year I have defiantly made many mistakes. But I also have progressed SO much in my life, making it better. As I said I made many mistakes but I can gladly say that i have learned from them. My life is very different than it was last year. For example I have lost my Poppop, he is no longer with us but is in a better place. I also have had so many amazing adventures with my friends and my family. I can try to look back and pin point some amazing events that have happened in the past year (there are too many and), I rather look forward to what's going to happen this year. I will make this year even  more amazing!!!
     I was asked on my opinion about New Year Resolutions. Truthfully, I am on the boarder with new year resolutions. I don't believe you should try to improve yourself only once a year. I think that all year round you should try to make yourself a better person. With that said I am not totally against resolutions. I love to set goals (duh I'm a Capricorn!) to improve myself. I will say that I have made a few new resolutions for this year but. . . I am so excited for the new year!!!!!!

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